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Add 2,000 Free Subscribers To Your List

First: make sure you read this article to the end, because that's where the secret for your free subscribers is explained. :-)

Every now and then along comes an opportunity that is too good to let it pass. This is one of those moments.

So, do you want to add 1,000, 1,500 or even 2,000 targeted, free subscribers to your list? To which you can send email messages over and over again?

The Internet Marketing standard is that, done well, you can make $1 per month per subscriber.
Mind you: each month. You do the math!

This one is a 'Giveaway' event, where you give away a gift in exchange for an email address so you get subscribers for free. While I avoid most Giveaways due to low quality, there are exceptions and this is a huge one.

I'm talking about the 10TH ANNUAL Self Improvement Gifts List Building event...

free subscribers

The site opens to members on January 7th at 10 AM EST, so don't delay in signing up as a contributor!

Once again, this annual self-help and self-improvement list building launch, which attracted over 20,000 members last year, will feature the proven formula that brings contributors the opportunities for the highest conversions, astronomical leaderboard solo mailings (200K!), and get this...

Over $10,000 in Sales Contests, Prizes and Incentives!

Never before in the history of such an event has it been possible to win a MacBook Air, an iPad, a Kindle Fire HD, Bose Headphones, a Sony Bloggie and more...!

And the even more exciting news about their sales prize structure is YOU are in control of what you win!

That's right - reach the designated sales volume and the prize is yours! And that's in addition to their already unprecedented Grand Prize solo mailings which are back again this year, with the top prize boasting an amazing 200,000 solo mailing!

This is one list building launch to get free subscribers you are not going to want to miss!

Join me here and good luck winning those awesome prizes and stacking up commissions:

Now, here's the secret to make this event a fantabulous success:

If you sign up now, I will hook you up with a world famous marketer who has done a gazillion of these events.

This expert will help us to make this event a great success. Without paying anything!

He aims for 2,000 free subscribers per contributor.

Fair warning: there's work to be done. By YOU! But the rewards will be terrific.

Sign up now and send me an email that you've done so at

Here's To Your Success In 2016!
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P.S. This event is free to join, but with over 500+ gifts last year, I highly recommend you give serious thought to upgrading your account for 4x the listbuilding visibility and the opportunity to add multiple gifts - all the exciting details are right here:

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